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    Do you manage a virtual team as a boss? Do you have to run virtual meetings? Boy do we have some goods for you, friend. We know the struggle can be really real when you've got a team around the globe and you only see each other through video calls. This 4-part series can get you working at boss l...

  • DON'T PANIC! Learn Emotional Regulation

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    Sometimes sh*t gets real at work and you need to keep your cool as a leader, manager and boss. How do you do this when emotions get in the way? This short video helps you learn the basics of emotional regulation in super practical way. It's a step by step guide in keeping your cool.

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    Now that you're a BO$$, it's time to make sure you can handle all the stuff that's coming at you. In P+P, you'll get tips on how to hack your day and get focused. These are tips and tricks we love and you can pass 'em along to your team. Habits and behaviors can make each day not feel like an end...


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    Now that you're a boss, you're responsible for the care and feeding of some peeps. How can you do that best? Through the tried-and-true one-on-one meeting. But what do you talk about? How do you make it not awkward and something that you and your peeps all get a lot out of?

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